Patio Roofs & Carports

Aladdin's patio roofs and carports are an affordable, low maintenance way of making your next covered area a real possibility. We use Snap-N-Lock insulated panels, manufactured by Structall Building Systems, to provide a durable, watertight roof that can handle nature's toughest elements. As the name implies, the Snap-N-Lock panels snap and lock together. Insulated panels consist of a top and bottom metal skin chemically bonded to an insulated foam. The strength of these insulated panels are very impressive too. Strong enough for people to walk on, they allow for clear spans of up to 24'.
Depending on the job requirements, Snap-N-Lock panels can be built 3” to 8” thick and come in 23 1/8” and 4' Widths. Various guages of aluminum and steel are available. Hidden beams can be built right into the panel for a multitude of uses including lighting and fans.
Patio roofs-Patios Nicholasville KY
When used as a patio roof, the homeowner will recognize the benefits immediately. Snap-N-Lock insulated roofs can save as much as 50% over conventional construction without sacrificing durability, strength, or beauty. The continuous insulation provided by the panels, in the hot summer months, keeps the heat outside where it belongs. You stay cool and comfortable. In the winter, heat generated within the home is contained, helping you stay warm. Since the panels are insulated, condensation problems are eliminated.