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Custom Glass Shower Doors & Enclosures in Lexington, KY

Aladdin's Glass specializes in custom glass shower enclosures. We sell and install glass enclosures to fit almost any tub or shower application. All of our installations are done “in house” by trained and experienced Aladdin's Glass employees. We offer framed, semi-frameless, and frameless options for both sliding and swing door applications. Our showroom has display enclosures of each style. We also do onsite consultations to measure your shower opening, discuss your options, and give you a competitive quote to install your new glass shower enclosure.

Glass Shower Enclosures

Frameless Shower Enclosures

Aladdin's is very experienced in designing and installing the popular European style frameless glass shower enclosures. We are capable of fitting a broad range of showers from common single doors to complex applications with multiple fixed glass panels. The majority of our frameless enclosures use heavy 3/8” thick glass, but we can also use an even heavier ½” thick glass. Even though clear glass is used for most frameless shower enclosures, multiple options of pattern glass are available.

Aladdin's uses the industry leading C.R. Laurence Company for all our frameless shower hardware. To browse hardware options, visit and click on the “Frameless Shower Door” tab.

Framed and Semi-Frameless Shower Enclosures

Aladdin's also offers custom fitted framed and semi-frameless shower enclosures from Coral Industries. We offer a wide variety of finishes and glass patterns. To view some of the many options that are available, please visit our photo gallery. 

Custom Glass Shower Doors & Enclosures Gallery

Glass Shower Doors23
Glass Shower Doors2
Glass Shower Doors3
Glass Shower Doors4
Glass Shower Doors5
Glass Shower Doors6
Glass Shower Doors7
Glass Shower Doors9
Glass Shower Doors17
Glass Shower Doors 14
Glass Shower Doors15
Glass Shower Doors13
Glass Shower Doors12
Glass Shower Doors11
Glass Shower Doors10
Glass Shower Doors8
Glass Shower Doors18
Glass Shower Doors - Large Flip Transom
Glass Shower Doors - Operable Flip Transom
Glass Shower Doors - Oversized Frameless Shower Door
Glass Shower Doors19
Shower Doors - Single Frameless Shower Door
Glass Shower Doors - Heavy Glass Sliders
Glass Shower Doors - Large Dual Entry Glass Shower Enclosure
Glass Shower Doors20
Glass Shower Doors - arch top frameless door - satin etch glass
Glass Shower Doors - Custom French Style Shower Doors
Glass Shower Doors21
Glass Shower Doors22
Glass Shower Doors - Hydroslider
Glass Shower Doors24
Glass Shower Doors - Heavy Glass Sliding Doors
Glass Shower Doors - Heavy Sliding Doors With Inline Panels
Glass Shower Doors - arch top Steam_Shower Door w_ Internal Transom
Glass Shower Door - Frameless Operable Tub Door
Glass Shower Doors - Frameless Steam_Shower Door with Internal Steam Vent
Glass Shower Doors - Double Notched Panel
Glass Shower Doors - Open Space Above Door for Ventilation
Glass Shower Doors - Frameless French Doors on Tub
Glass Shower Door - Laguna Style Sliding Door
Glass Shower Doors
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